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Wingait Inn, 

Chaura Maidan, Shimla-171004

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TEL: 9816807868, 9816907868

E-MAIL: info@wingaitinn.com


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Daily direct flights to Shimla from Delhi are obtainable. The flying time is forty five minutes. The Shimla airdrome is ninety minutes from the building.



Shimla is connected by road from Chandigarh (124 Kms), from Kalka (110 Kms) and from Delhi (385 Kms). The drive from Delhi to Shimla takes close to eight hours and from Chandigarh to Shimla, close to three hours.



Fast trains run daily from Delhi to Chandigarh and Kalka. From Kalka, train connections on a quaint railway, in-built 1903, are obtainable upto Shimla. The period is close to four hours. There are range of trains to Chandigarh and Kalka.


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